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  • Report - Staffs Photoclubs Slide Competition, & Open Projected Images Competition

    Post date: Thu, 23/11/2006 - 20:57

    Our annual interclub slide competition with Staffs Photoclubs was on Wednesday, 22nd November. Last year we came away with the shield, but this year we had to be content with third place (2nd in terms of points scored). Ten slides are entered from each club and scored out of 20. The judge was Peter Young. Burton-on-Trent Photographic Society and Cannock Photographic Society were joint...

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  • Report - Close-up Competition

    Post date: Thu, 16/11/2006 - 20:50

    Tony Dudley from Smethwick Photographic Society came to judge our Close-up Competition last Thursday. Close-up gives members the chance to get in close and show tremendous details in the resulting photograph. We had 45 entries and the First award was given to Phil Riley for September Thorn Moth. Phil was also second with Office Equipment and Highly Commended for Merville du jour Moth. Doreen...

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  • Report - "Jordan and the Red Sea" by divers Stephanie Oates and Shaun Mitchell

    Post date: Thu, 09/11/2006 - 20:39

    Last week we had a presentation entitled Jordan and the Red Sea. Both Stephanie Oates and Shaun Mitchell are keen divers and Shaun has been diving for over 20 years. Although it is difficult to control the dive and take photographs at the same time, they do like to record what they see during their dives. Before going underwater they showed us photographs of Jordan, with its deserts. The...

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  • Report - Open Print Competition

    Post date: Thu, 02/11/2006 - 20:30

    Last Thursday was our first Open Print Competition and with 89 prints entered the judge John Haines had his work cut out. He did, however, do a magnificent job. He gave each print very constructive comments, selected about 40 to go through to a second round and then finally gave his awards to the following:- 1st - Mick Johnson - Feeding Raven 2nd - Dave Graham - A Walk on the...

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  • Reports - Three of a Kind Slide Competition & Robertshaw Challenge Trophy

    Post date: Thu, 26/10/2006 - 20:20

    Our Three of a Kind Slide Club Competition was held last Thursday. John Cartlidge from Cannock was the judge and he gave members some tips and techniques for photography with his usual humour. John gave his first award to Paul Matthews for Orange Tip Butterflies. Paul was also third for The Craftsman, Highly Commended for Young Hare and Commended for Vixen with Cubs. The second award went...

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  • Report - "Travels of a Monosaurus" by Tony Broom

    Post date: Thu, 19/10/2006 - 20:41

    Last Thursday we enjoyed an evening with Tony Broom with his presentation of Monochrome Prints.  Tony is from Tettenhall Wood Photographic Club, Wolverhampton.  As Tony still works in the darkroom members from his club call him a Dinosaur.  He deduced that as he loved Monochrome photography he should call his presentation Travels of a Monosaurus.   Tony convinced us that we didn’t have to travel...

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  • Report - Themed Print Competition: Abandoned

    Post date: Thu, 12/10/2006 - 20:29

    Our first print competition took place last Thursday and with 60 entries it proved to be a very busy evening indeed.  The set title of the competition was ‘Abandoned’ and our judge was Tony Keeley from Stoke on Trent.   Many of our members digitally produce their own prints, but this is by no means an easy option and often takes hours of patient care to get the print to match the original.  ...

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  • Report - Themed Slide Competition: Metal

    Post date: Thu, 05/10/2006 - 20:18

    Last Thursday evening, following four week of presentations, this season’s programme changed into competitive mode, with the First Set Subject Slide Competition. The theme was ‘Metal’ and, appropriately enough, the judge Keith Brown FRPS came from Sheffield Photographic Society. A total of 55 slides were entered and the imaginative work ranged from images of gleaming cars and trains, through...

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  • Report - "Nature as I see it" by Terry Bickley ARPS

    Post date: Thu, 28/09/2006 - 19:51

    Last Thursday, Terry Bickley – ARPS (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society) - visited us with his presentation ‘Nature as I see it’.  Terry is from Tamworth Photographic Club and is a real enthusiast.  He only started taking photography seriously in 2001, but since then has obviously found a keen interest in macro photography.   Macro is when the object you are taking looks the same size as...

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  • Report - "Portrait of the Peak District" by Tony Pioli ARPS, & "A Visit to Manchester Airport to view Concorde" with Gordon Bartley ARPS.

    Post date: Thu, 21/09/2006 - 19:34

    Last Thursday, Tony Pioli ARPS, visited us with his slide show about the Peak District.  He started by saying how much the geology colours what happens in the Peak District.  Tony’s show covered the Dark Peak to the White Peak. He showed us landscapes, cultural activities of the Peak District, the Mines and quarries, the beautiful buildings around our area, as well as walks along many of the Peak...

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