Upcoming Events which may be of Interest

A variety of sporting events coming up which may be of interest:-




The secretary of the Cheshire Polo Club suggested it is best to ring her on the Friday before the weekend to find out the times of the matches and also which ground they are playing on.  They usually ask any photographers who attend to send a disc or an email with some jpegs as attachments of a few photographs taken in case they want to use them in the club magazine which comes out once a year.

If you plan to go, please contact Lesley for the Secretary's phone number.

Thanks to Kevin for passing on the information for all the above events.


Jet [Ski Sunday] - 

Hi all, David Travis reminded me about the Kingsbury Lakes Jet Ski Championships which take place this Saturday and Sunday near to Sutton Coldfield. David and I will be going on Sunday 8th. Leaving my house at 9:30 and staying till mid afternoon [ish].

The event is very well attended by photographers but still an opportunity to get some action and sports images...
 can be contacted on kandjkburton@tiscali.co.uk if you want to join us, some other past members from Leek
may well be there too.... If you want any advise on what to expect at the event please do not hesitate to ask.


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