Themed Print Competition - "Urban"

Thursday night saw Printed images from 9 members who submitted 30 prints.

Judge Ralph Duckett [MPAGB, APAGB, EFIAP] seemed to enjoy the process tremendously. He adopted a novel approach by reviewing all images in detail with constructive comments. He chose NOT to select any at that time to “keep the suspense going” - which it DID. Then during the intermission, he narrowed the 30 down to 12 [more suspense] and finally chose just 8 awards. Those awards were shared between 5 members with the first place entry getting fairly universal approval as a deserving winner.

1st - David Travis - Titled, "Let me help you with that".

David 's composition combined Imagination and forethought with patience and planning. He commented - “I like street photography so people in front of advertising hoardings or murals was attractive to me. Research revealed there were some great murals and I hunted this one down on Mitchell St. I spent about 30 minutes in this spot and took about 50 photos but ironically this image was one of the first that I took. The two people in the shot were a couple of tourists who plonked down their bag looking for something, completing an amusing and well caught moment”. And David added, for the technically minded – “There’s not a lot of post-processing done on the picture. I needed to straighten the building (using Lightroom’s Transform tool) and I tidied up some scratches around the mural to make it look a bit cleaner. I chose black and white because there’s not a lot of colour in the picture, other than in the mural. I was about 30 yards away when I took this picture. It’s taken with an Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mk 2 and a 17mm lens (34mm equivalent on full frame) 1/125s, f/4.0, ISO 200”. This was not David’s only success on the night as he was also awarded a 3rd place. 

Len Claydon was awarded both a 2nd place and a Highly Commended., Tony Cartrwright had two  “commended” with Ray Baddeley and Kevin Burton completing the commended awards.

Kevin was apparently asked if the gold high-heeled shoes were his, to which he had replied "yes". The affirmative answer referred to the image "Escape" and not the shoes!


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