Staffs Photo Clubs Annual P.I. Comp. Result


Hi All
Last night saw the Staffs Photo Clubs Annual Digital Projected Image Competition at Rugeley. Nine clubs took part this year, with Blythe Bridge joining the battle. Another good night, with plenty of diversity in the images. The judge was Roger Parry from Smethwick, again we felt that the scoring was not always consistent, and a little low, but perhaps it is so difficult with 90 images you have only just seen, to keep tags on your previous scores issued. Again we managed 4th place. Full results below:

Stafford P S 161 1st
Cannock P.S. 159
Tamworth P.C. 154
Leek P.C. 151
Burton on Trent P.S. 147
Lichfield C.C. 139
Blythe Bridge C.C. 131
Acton Trussel P.S. 127
St Leonards C.C. 124

This year we thought it was a good idea to keep the 7 images which had scored 17 and above at the Robertshaw Trophy and replace the remaining 3 images. Back to the drawing board, there is no easy way to choose the images, all Judges see things so differently. One of my images cost us third place, Sorry! Roger felt the tracks of the bikes in the SNOW looked like trees and were distracting!
Well done to Don for getting the highest score from Leek of 19 points for his image Silent City.
Individual scores below:

Grebes Displaying – Tony Kinder 14
Snowdrift – Denise Kendall 13
Silent City – Don Barker 19
Orangetips on Bogbean – Paul Matthews 17
Misty boats – Sonja Haigh 14
Strike - Brian Ross 17
Trying for the lead – Sonja Haigh 11
Moorhen Attacking Rival – Paul Matthews 15
The Road to the North – Linda Battersby 16
Canoeist – Tony Kinder 15

The next challenge is the biggy, the national, PAGB Great British Cup, Open and Natural History. If you recall we did very well in the Natural History last year, so no real pressure! I will let you know how many images and the criteria very soon.
Best wishes

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