Staffs Photo Clubs Annual Inter Comp

Hi All

Staffs. Photo Clubs Annual Projected Images Competition.

It was a slightly disappointing night for Leek last night. We came 4th out of 8. It was a very well attended event and we, ourselves were represented by 8 members. There were some lovely images, and being a different group of clubs to whom we normally battle with, it was interesting to see 70 new and diverse ones we had not seen before.

Stafford P.S. 169 Winner
Tamworth P.S. 168
Cannock P.S. 159
Leek P.C. 156
Burton-on-Trent P.S. 155
Lichfield C.S 143
St. Leonards C.C. 133
Acton Trussell P.S. 128

The projector did not do many of our images any favours, but then every club was in the same position as us. Even so, certain images which have always done well for us, did not reach the expected level of scoring. We are sure the post mortem will last for many days!

Individual results as below.

Cormorant Drying - Tony Kinder 14
Frogs mating on icy spawn bed - Dave White 15
Hoverflies on Poppy - Paul Matthews 17
Juvenile Black-winged Stilt - Alan Battersby 17
Kingfisher with fish - Mick Johnson 17
Looking In - Don Barker 14
Misty morning at Rudyard - Dave White 19
Paddling - Sonja Haigh 15
Rainy Day in New York City - Rob Gough 14
Treeline - Mick Johnson 14

Well done Dave, for getting the highest score for us of 19, and to all the 17s. Our next inter club challenge is the biggy. The PAGB GB Cups. This is not being judged until 9/10 January so we will let you have detail of our entry nearer to the date.

Thank you to all attended last night, and we will do better next time!

Best regards

Sonja and Will

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