Report - An Evening with John Cruttenden & Three of a Kind Slide Competition

This week, Thursday 8th December, we will be enjoying our annual Christmas Dinner at the Rudyard Hotel, so we are having a break from meeting in the Nicholson Institute.

Local photographer Jon Cruttenden stepped in at short notice on 24th November. All the digitally projected photographs he showed were new to us and he included photographs that he had taken at the Rededication Ceremony of the Memorial in Leek. He also showed photographs taken on Remembrance Sunday. All his photographs captured the nature of the event and he managed to also get away from the mundane with many of his shots. Jon also showed us a section of his landscapes, particularly landscapes in the snow – giving us a taste of what might be to come.

After our refreshment break we saw a selection of prints, which were all mounted, glazed and framed. They were super photographs and all looked very professional in their presentation. We are very grateful to Jon for putting on such a super show.

One of the competitions that we all look forward to is Three of a Kind. This is when three projectors and three screens are used to show entries by members. The entries are in sets of three and they can be on any subject. They must either tell a story or include a seamless panorama (not at all easy to capture). Mr Tony Keeley kindly stepped in at the last minute to judge for us, as our initial visiting judge was unwell.

John Wakefield was given the first award with a set entitled Making Fire. John was also Highly Commended for Pilgrim Fathers. Dave Graham was second with Insect Eaters and Dave White was third with Right Time, Right Place. Paul Matthews was given two Very Highly Commended Awards – one for Goldfinches and the other for Birch Bracket Fungus. Doreen Graham was Highly Commended for Lily Shapes and Brian Ross was given two Commended Awards – one for Veterans (taken on the day of the Re-dedication of the Memorial) and Eventide.

If you look on our website you will be able to see the first three competition winners for all our competitions.
If you are not with us for our Christmas Dinner then do join us back in the Arts Club Room, Nicholson Institute on Thursday 15th December when we will be showing the traveling Portfolio. The slides and prints in the portfolio represent images taken by members from different clubs in the Midland Counties Photographic Federation.

Visitors are always welcome. We meet in the Arts Club Room, The Nicholson Institute, Stockwell Street, Leek, starting at 7.45 pm. Entry is just £1 for visitors and Club membership is only £22 for the whole season

If you want to know more then telephone Doreen Graham on 01298 27478 or email .

Also why not visit our Website at where you will be able find out about the Club and also visit the Gallery of members' photographs. Our website has really taken off!

Prepared by Doreen Graham

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