Report of Club events for October 21st and 28th

It is enthralling when the camera can capture something which the human eye is not quick enough or near enough to observe .  A skilled macro photographer can bring the detail of small objects sharply into focus, thereby introducing us to beauty  we may otherwise have missed.    This was really evident in Leek Photographic Club’s recent Macro photography competition.  Paul Matthews’ winning shot  amazingly captured a honey bee in flight approaching a flower to gather nectar.

Paul also achieved second place –his image allowed us to appreciate the beauty of two orange-tip butterflies feeding from a flower in perfect symmetry.  Margaret Rushton came third with a beautiful shot of a cactus in flower.  Other photographers to feature among the awards were Dave White (Very Highly Commended), Alan Battersby, Bernard Beech, Ray Baddeley and Dave White (Highly Commended) and Denise Kendall, Margaret Rushton, and Alan Battersby (Commended).  The judge, Graham Jones from Stafford, was very impressed with the overall standard which was a credit to the Club.

Many Club members are especially interested in wildlife photography and  a recent talk by wildlife photographer Sandy Cleland FRPS from Edinburgh was enjoyed by all.  He showed us beauty in the most unexpected of creatures including a startling array of spiders, flies and other insects.  Patience, hours of observation and knowledge of his subject lie at the heart of his success.  Sandy’s subjects included fungi, the large animals of the African savannah, beautifully coloured birds, stoats, weasels and hares and many shots depicting bird behaviour.  He pointed out that the background and depth of focus  can be as important as the main subject and it is always vital to get the light to work in your favour.  It was an evening of stunning photography,  entertainment and, above all, inspiration for us all.

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