Practical Night 30th Oct

The 5 members who attended the practical evening had a real treat.  Tony Cartwright showed us how to make simple improvements to our images using Photoshop Elements and Arthur Lomas brought the recently acquired lighting tents (donated by a former member) to demonstrate different lighting options. Unfortunately the lights didn't want to perform but we got the general idea.

The star of the night however was Kevin Burton successfully demonstrating his water droplet machine. Fascinating to watch, but requiring patience to set up initially, we were all spellbound and those who actually had a go, had a very rare opportunity to get some unique images.

A big thank you to those who spent time preparing equipment and researching their topics, it is a pity their efforts weren't appreciated by more members.


Hi all, thanks foir the "Star" billing, only glad it all worked on the night -

For those who missed the demo, take a look at a few images from the night on my flickr album...Inc fly traps and water drops.

or this video, which shows the 2 drop effect and the 3rd drop collision, something others achieve with very complex 3 syphon kits...
and I achieve by studying an accidental occerrence.

Remember "Macro" PDI entry is only a matter of a few weeks away ;-) regards Kevin






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