Photography from the Air

Kevin went up in a small plane recently taking photographs. Anyone interested in personalised pleasure flights should contact Craig via Facebook "Private Flight Share" - a great all round experience and one Kevin aims to repeat having learned a lot from his first attempts.

Images can be viewed via Kevin's Flickr page -


Tips for photographing from a light aircraft-
Most have perspex windows and they will need a clean,take a wet wipe lens cleaning tissue.
Use a rubber lens hood [collapsed right back if wide angle to avoid vignetting] pressed close to the window and wear dark clothes to reduce reflections Fast shutter speeds are needed to reduce shake and any vibrations.
Looking forward to the NEW SEASONS PROGRAMME anytime soon and HAVE UPDATED my members gallery - Up to 40 small web sized images can be uploaded SO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY to update OR COMPLETE your gallery and show us all what you have been photographing in the closed season - See you soon.

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