Thank you to everyone who put forward entries for this years Photofolio, (I think it has been a while since the club has submitted a full compliment of images, so we are really pleased.) Photofolio is the competition which is organised by the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF). The award winning entries and a selection of the best entries in each class will be made into a travelling portfolio (circulated to member societies), which the club have booked for next season. Hopefully this will included some of Leek's images!

After speaking to many members, it was generally agreed that although there was not a real maximum number of entries stipulated, this was still a competition, and that our best images should be entered in each class. Mono. Prints, Colour Prints, and Projected Digital Images. To qualify for the championships we needed 20 images in each class. Further entries, though allowed, would result in the marks being averaged out. As Will and myself are relatively new to the club, and external competitions, we asked Mick Johnson, Leek's own champ. and Arthur Lomas our man of vice, who has many years experience. (we mean that in the nicest way Arth.) to sort out the images that they felt were more likely to gain the best marks. All authors were hidden until after the selections. Though many had obviously been seen before.

The following entries submitted were:


Alan Battersby - Brown Bear Fishing
Black Winged Stilt
Linda Battersby - Hailstorm Approaching Loch Slapin, Osprey, Snowy Egret in Surf
Lisa Burdett - Waiting for Sunrise
Mick Johnson - Female Kingfisher Leaving Nest, Male and Female Heron sat on Nest, Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar, Treeline
Denise Kendall - Frosty Sunrise, Maple Leaf, Rope on Shingle, Stanage Edge Millstones
Rob Povey - End of an Era
Dave White - Heron with Frog, Kingfisher with Bullhead, Mating Frogs in Icy Pond
Lesley Worsley - Chasing the Leader, Orchid


Alan Battersby - Coyote, Craigellachie Lochan, Swirling Autumn Leaves, The Quriang
Linda Battersby - Ash Tree on the Moor, Bear Photography, Greenshank, Isle Ornsay Lighthouse
Cliff Beardmore - Winston, Our Country Needs You!
Lisa Burdett - Wild Flower Wave, Low Tide at Alnmouth
Rob Gough - African Leopard, 'Pointless', Sandcastle Competition - Hope Cove, Sharing our Shadows
David Graham - Good Catch
Sonja Haigh - Early Mist at Rudyard, Twirling
Mick Johnson - Valentino Rossi
Brian Ross - Keepers View

MONOCHROME PRINT (We were really struggling for this class, so an extra thank you to the folk that rallied around for us at the last minute!)

Martin Biss - SVR footplate experience
Lisa Burdett - Face the Music, Siesta Time, Swan Quartet
Dave Graham - A Walk on the Beach, Leaf Skeleton - positive, Moorland Barn, Pollution
Doreen Graham - Beach and Sea, Gardenia, It's All Happening
Mick Johnson - Winter Landscape
William Knight - On Your Tail
Rob Povey - British Museum Atrium, Groyn, Stockholm Doorway, Tyneham Church
Ann Sharratt - A Disastrous Game
Chris Sherratt - Mwnt in a breeze, Watendlath

Thank you again to everyone that submitted images, and well done to the one's selected. Fingers crossed for some personal awards, and a good score for Leek overall.

Notification of results will be on Wednesday 27 May and Will and myself will let members know how everyone got on!

The Exhibition will run on Wednesday 3rd June (official opening) 7.30pm, 4th June 7.30, 5th June 7.30, and Saturday 6th June, MCPF AGM (Special Showing for Delegates). We shall hopefully be going on the Wednesday evening if anyone would like to join us.

A big thank you to Ken and Maureen Adams who have offered to collect the images for us on the 6th June at the AGM.

Best regards
Sonja and Will


Sonja & Will,

Your report is highly informative and most interesting. I'm sure all the members will agree when I say that it's great to have you taking care of External Competition entries for the Club..

Doubtless there will be a good deal of work involved for you so I hope you know how much it is appreciated. Good Luck with it all and congratulations on getting together a full compliment for this your initial Photofolio. Thanks to Arthur, Mick, Ken and Maureen for their part too.

Ann Sharratt

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