Persons/People in their environment 10/10/2013

Hi All

This is our first attempt at recording a club competition. We will continue to try to add more content and look at better ways of recording competition nights.


I am logged in but am told the video is unavailable for the first competition.
When I entered my e-mail and password information after my first one time log in, I saved the details but when I tried to log in with my new saved information it was not recognised and I had to use a fresh one time log in!

Hi Keith,
On YouTube it states the video is currently being processed so I'm hoping it will be available later today.
Not sure what happened with your initial login...I'll keep tracks on whether others have similar issues.

Video still unavailable at 14.50 on 11th - will try again tomorrow

Don't know what happened there. I'm sure Simon will fix when he's available. I've not seen the footage myself, but going by Simons description it might be rather sub-optimal.

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