Performance of Leek Photographic Club in the MCPF PDI Club Championship 2012

Hi All,

Today five members of the Club went to Leicester for a fabulous day out. It wasn't a holiday … we witnessed and steered the performance of Leek Photographic Club in the MCPF PDI Club Championship  2012. In essence, the Competition was organised over 2 Rounds. 25 clubs competed in the First Round and the top 8 clubs then went forward to the Second Round. We needed 15 images for the First Round [with limits on number per person and number of nature images], only 5 of which could be taken forward and combined with another 5 from our previously submitted 'databank' to produce the 10 images for the Second Round [with new limits on number per person and number of nature images].
Anyway, we came first!!
The club scores were as follows:
                  Round 1    Round 2    Total  Final Position
Leek                        190             125            315              1
Smethwick            180            119            299               2
Cannock               180             116             296             3
Tamworth             173            115             288             4
Wolverhampton  169            116              285             6
Droitwich               167           113             280             7
Leamington Spa  167             120            287             5
Stafford                   166            112             278             8
As you can see we were deserved winners, receiving the highest score in each of the Rounds.
Individual Scores are detailed below.
         Round 1    Round 2
Short Eared Owl - Paul Matthews  13
TriColoured Heron - Ken Tate        14                14
Road to the North - Linda Battersby  13           15
Male Orangetip - Paul Matthews 12
Morning Bath Time - Sonja Haigh  13
Waif - Brian Ross                                13
Male Kingfisher - Paul Matthews       14          14
Three Roses - Don Barker                     10
The Punk & His Mrs - Sonja Haigh   13
Black Rock Hut - David Slade              12
Strike - Brian Ross                                  15          15
New Kid on the Block- Cliff Beardmore 12
Poppies in the Wood - Brian Ross  10
Rainy Day New York City - Rob Gough 12
Men in Grey Suits - Don Barker                14      12
Divine Light - Rob Gough                                      9
Wolvescotedale - Don Barker                               10
Wash Time - Sonja Haigh                                     13
Sledging - Clare Beech                                            12
Thorpe Cloud - David Slade                                   11
As you see Brain Ross gain the maximum score in Round 1 and Round 2 with his image 'Strike', while Linda Battersby gained a maximum score for 'Road to the North' in the Second Round. Incidentally, these were the only maximum scores awarded today. Sonja Haigh's image 'Morning Bath Time'  was awarded the Christine Widdall Medal for Best PDI. Very well done to all three. It is also pleasing to see that 10 club members represented Leek today. Many thanks to these 10 and the other club members who volunteered images for selection.
On the back of this performance Leek is now one of 4  clubs selected to represent the MCPF in an PAGB Inter-Region PDI Championship at Warwick in July. More details to follow.
Regards, Bernard

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