Oswald Free to Good Home


Hi All


We have an Oswald, he is about 5'5", very good looking, doesn't complain at all, and is an excellent model. He is fully suited, and is very cheap to keep. We are desperate for the room, and I am sad to say he must pack his bags. If you could offer our mannequin a home, he comes with no cost. He is rather heavy, but does split in the middle for ease of travel. He also has a little damage to the one leg, but this obviously cannot be seen when clothed.


If you could make use of Ozzy, please let me know. Don Barker has offered part of him a home, he would like his head, arm and leg. Yikes, what has he in mind?


If you could use Oswald in his entirety please contact us by email, or call 01538 381325.


Best regards




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