Opening Competition 2018

Leek Photographic Club's opening competition of the 2018/19 season was "People". A well-attended evening saw Judge Peter E. Cheetham, having to decide between several exceptional images. While 38 were initially held back, they were soon whittled down to just 12 awards. The judging was kept on theme with more interest shown in those images that told a story, rather than straight portraits no matter how excellent and technically good they were. Lessons to be learnt - stick to the theme, ensure images are sharp and well exposed with no distractions and keep them simple - if in doubt take it out.

Winner Adam Geary commented that he is determined to win an award with a portrait of his daughter, despite judges not favouring his recent images of her - they are among his most treasured photographs.

Second award winner Len Claydon thought the competition was well run with many entries of a very good standard. The judge did a good job generally and he agreed with his final selections. He was pleased to have had four images held back and to have all four selected for commendation or a place. He felt that the action shot was a worthy winner.

Tony Cartwright received a well-deserved third place award for his very poignant “Remembering”. Other images from Tony and David Travis drew lots of attention and admiring comments. Clare Beech was extremely unlucky not to have had a higher award with "Old Friends", and a return to minor success for Lesley Lomas with an unusual take on a familiar subject. John Coe completing the Highly Commended awards with his “Moroccan Rug Seller”.

Bernard Beech's "Navy Lark" was both humorous and well caught as was Cliff Beardmore's "It's my end" and Bernard's "Adoration" looked as though it was going through until the last moment. Glyn George entered a series of images that showed his eye for the unusual and the photogenic. Ray Baddeley must have had one of the unluckiest nights with 4 images that were surely among the very best, yet all just missed out. For myself I learned a couple of things ..... don’t over-process images and do "pare them down" to the most important elements. I consider my one award a luck break, "Pipe Dreams" - an image whose potential I inhibited with my processing. 

The league table for PDI competitions has been compiled and the results updated on our web pages. I encourage anyone to work towards improving their standing and especially (like me) to enter things outside of their "normal" image taking or genre, it has it's own reward.

Here's hoping to improve on 19 Entrants and 61 images in future competitions. Entering is the way to get advice on all aspects, from the technical to the aesthetic. We all learn something from the critique of all the images. The wide variety and the judge’s reaction to them suggests "having a go" is worth the effort, you never quite know what will take the judge’s fancy.

Above all enjoy what you take and please continue to enter and share images. We all love to see them and as in any competition "you have to be in it to win it".  


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