Open Competition - Black & White/ Mono/ Infra Red (Print)

Our thanks to Judge Graham Walton, DPAGB who traveled a long way to judge our first Print competition of the season. 
With only 30 entries from just 9 members we were treated to a detailed critique of every image. I’m sure the advice was helpful not just to the Entrants, but also to all those who attended. Cliff Hughes was unlucky not to get all 4 of his entries awarded a place as "Carly behind the curtains" won the “cute” image vote from the members… 

Adam Geary topped the awards with yet another brilliant image of a canoe action shot…. 

And as usual there were a few groans from those whose images fell at the very final hurdle, when those held back were whittled down to just 8 awards.  Well done EVERYONE who entered, you provided entertainment and encouragement to us all as well as the opportunity to learn from the critique.

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