North Cheshire Challenge Interclub Competitions 2018

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Leek came a close fought 2nd, along with Bolton C.C., the competition was won by The Evolve Group by 2 points. Each image scored out of 20.

The final scores were as follows :

1 The Evolve Group 92 points
2 Bolton CC 90 points
2 Leek PC 90 Points
4 Chorley PS 89 points
5 Crewe PS 88 points
6 Southport PS 87 points
7 N.Cheshire PS 86 points
7 Lytham St.Annes PS 86 points
7 Chapel CC 86 points
7 Rochdale PS 86 points
7 S.Manchester CC 86 points
12 Sheffield PS 83 points
13 S.Liverpool PS 80 points

Our Individual Scores were as follows :

Chesil Beach by Steve Geary 17
Great White Egret by Ken Tate 18
Llanddwyn Island by Cliff Hughes 17
Mountain Hare in Winter Coat by John Coe 19
Ramshaw Rocks by Adam Geary 19

PDI Competition Result

Leek were 5th, 1 point behind Chorley P.S. and Lytham St. Annes P.S. who were joint 3rd. In 2nd place Warrington P.S. and the winner was Southport P.S. The PDI was a knock out competition.

Final scores were as follows:

1 Southport PS 21 points
2 Warrington PS 19 points
3 Chorley PS 17 points
3 Lytham St Annes PS 17 points
5 Leek PC 16 Points
6 Mid Cheshire CC 15 points
6 North Cheshire PS 15 points
6 Rochdale PS 15 points
9 Crewe PS 14 points
9 Hoylake PS 14 points
11 Chapel CC 13 points
11 Holmes Chapel CC 13 points
11 South Liverpool PS 13 points
14 Sheffield PS 12 points
14 The Evolve Group 12 points
16 Leyland PS 10 points
17 South Manchester CC 9 points

Our individual scores were as follows:

World Champion David Florence by Adam Geary 5
Dusky Sunbird on Acacia by John Coe 5
Nautilus a Reflection by Kevin Burton 3
Male Kingfisher Feeding his Mate by Paul Matthews 2
A View from Ramshaw Rocks by Cliff Hughes 1

Congratulations to our top scorers in both competitions – Adam Geary and John Coe.


Many thanks Tony and all involved, I bought John Coe and Mike Farmer along to a MOST enjoyable night.
Some dissapointing decisions, some inmconsistent with other judges views, though those decisions were explained and as they say "the judges decision is final". But some amazing images and I felt lucky to be included. Cheers Tony once again for your efforts on out behalf.

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