NCPS Challenge

The annual NCPS Challenge has been held over two nights this week. On Wednesday 17 clubs took part, each submitting 5 prints. Leek came a very respectable 4th. Our entries scored as follows:

Autumn Dawn in Tuscany by Chris Sherratt 16
Whitethroat with Caterpillar by Ken Tate 19
Tranquility by Cliff Hughes 18
Hadada on Perch by John Coe 15
Calla Lilies by Kevin Burton 15

On Thursday night, 21 clubs entered the DPI competition, Leek gaining 3rd place this time. The scoring was done differently from the previous night, marks being determined by the round in which the image was eliminated. Our entries scored as follows:

Washday Blues by Bernard Beech 6
Jet Ski Racer by Tony Kinder 5
Blea Tarn by Cliff Hughes 3
All At Sea by Matt Gennard 2
Chin Strap Battis by John Coe 2

Congratulations to all those who had images selected, especially our top scorers Ken Tate and Bernard Beech.

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