Don Barker and Sonja Haigh gain BPE1*

Hi All

Don Barker and Sonja Haigh have gained their BPE1*.

Basically this means that they have accrued 25 points, which has enabled them to gain their crown one award.

The National Exhibitions which are members of the British Photographic Exhibitions offer a Crown Award system designed to enable successful exhibition photographers to gain additional recognition. Exhibitors are invited to aggregate their acceptances in the affiliated exhibitions and, upon reaching the accepted aggregate, to apply without charge for a Crown Rating Award. Each successful applicant for an award will receive a Certificate and a Ribbon and will be able to use the letters acknowledging their award after their name.

BPE1 Crown Award - 25 points
BPE2 Crown Award - 50 points
BPE3 Crown Award - 100 points
BPE4 Crown Award - 200 points
BPE5 Crown Award - 300 points

You gain one point for every image accepted into BPE exhibitions. There are currently 16 national exhibitions associated with the BPE.

Full details on the BPE website.

Well done!!!!

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