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Hi Every One,

Below is a list of all the suggestions and requests made on this Blog and at the meeting on 11th May.

I have forwarded the list to the Digital Group Chairman for the Committee’s consideration at their meeting to be held shortly, to formulate next season’s programme. I hope you have enjoyed interacting with your ideas on the Blog as I have, and I look forward to reading what you think about each Digital Group gathering next season. Good luck in the competitions.

Ann Sharratt.

1. The Evenings’ programmes should all be organised and sorted well in advance.

2. There should be a good balance of Speakers/bit of Member contribution.

3. As the admission charges have been static since 2003 and the costs of room hire, judges and lecturers are increasing, it was suggested the admission charges be increased to £2 for members and £3 for visitors.


a) It was felt that the Beginners’ Evening (free of charge) should take place as early as possible in the season to enable beginners to compete more ably in club competitions, bearing in mind “hand in’s” will have already started by the time the Digital Group meetings commence on 12th October.

b) Tuition by other members to beginners on the use of their digital cameras they’ve brought along with them.

c) As requested, Rob Povey has agreed to demonstrate Picasa. Beginners can then download this free software if they wish to, and be able to edit their images from the tuition given by Rob. This will cover basic instruction on all aspects of processing/editing:- i). Downloading images and file storage. Searching for images. Workflow. RAW conversion and processing. ii). Adjusting images - Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Sharpness, Noise reduction. Cropping, Resizing. Available Formats. Changing Formats. Saving. iii). Printing d) Supply Beginners with a disc with a number of images for which they will make basic improvements. and submit them for appraisal at a later date.

5. PHOTOSHOP CS & LIGHTROOM. Rob has also agreed to do an evening on CS & Lightroom, when, as requested, he will fully describe Workflow, Various Photoshop techniques, properly explaining each move made in such editing procedures as Levels, Curves, Colour adjustments, Resizing etc., Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Touching on RAW conversion and processing.

6 CATALOGUING OF IMAGES. A presentation by a pro photographer with his/her recommendations on Cataloguing of images for storage, tagging and searching for images. File handling, archiving, colour profiling and calibration, file formats and application. Pros and cons of different ones. Sensor Cleaning Demo. Advising us on effects of choosing compatibles compared to genuine inks.

7. RECORDING. Recording sound tracks, best mike, sound editing, fading, editing software available. Tricks of Trade to update presentation 3 years ago.


9. CRITIQUE EVENING. Sort of self-help critique session where members openly discuss what they like and dislike about the displayed work of those brave enough to submit images to the session!

10. THREE COMPETITIONS. (i) A competition on a given theme, members display their images on the Website, cast votes, winner announced at next meeting. (ii) A Montage competition to be held in the new year. The theme to be Open, using a minimum of 4 images taken by the member, able to be entered in other relevant competitions.. (Thumbnails of images used to accompany the entry for judging purposes.) (iii) Audio Video Sequences competition (including a Tuition Presentation on AV’s by a Lecturer at the second meeting if possible to provide time for compilation of entries.). Reservations have been expressed by a number of members with regard to the theme being a Song Title. It is felt that limiting entries to a song title will limit the number of entries received, reduce the overall standard and limit the techniques likely to be used, including the use of voice overs. To encourage the maximum number of entries and the widest range of techniques, an open competition is considered to be more suitable. If, the theme is Open, any song titles, poems etc. would qualify. Also a choice of themed song title could be nominated within an Open theme. This wouldn’t exclude other song titles. Importantly it was felt each AV sequence should be restricted to a length of 5 minutes max, helping to ensure viewers’ interest is maintained.

11. CREATING A BLOG. Rob will also show how this is done. Importantly this will help members to state their views on the website, interacting with other members, as in the case of this current Blog.

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