Digital Group - AV Workshop by Keith Brown FRPS. Main Group - David Southard, Wild Arena.

Poignantly marking this significant time of year are “The Poppies”, (reproduced in newspaper article) taken by club member, Dave White. There are over two hundred high class prints in our exhibition in the Nicholson Gallery which ends at 4 pm on Saturday 21st November. The many many comments kindly entered in our visitors’ book are a strong recommendation to view, so please make sure you don’t miss it.

If you have ever thought of compiling a selection of photographic images and adding music and/or a commentary, we certainly recommend it. At our latest Digital Group meeting, we had a visit from Keith Brown FRPS, recent Bronze Medal winner in the National Audio Visual Championships at Leicester.

Photos of Liverpool’s renovated dockland area, its majestic cathedral, shops and other buildings, with accompanying music and storyline, was the first of Keith’s AVs. The next centred on famous Beatle, George Harrison, and empathically told the story of the man, his life and music. Switzerland featured in another and all were excellent.

He emphasised that the storyboard, contrasts in images and music, suitable pace, dissolves and transitions are all key elements in the planning stages, ensuring productions have impact.

A day at a Theme Park; the changing seasons in the Peak District; various parts of your family’s life story (what a family heirloom that would be) – the subjects are endless. It’s a really fascinating way to build up a picture-story and the continuity of the images and the audio effect really bring it all to life.

If you would like any advice to start you off, some of our members are adept at this formation of images. The group is holding an AV competition for members on 8th March. Visitors will be very welcome; the entrance fee is £3 including refreshments

In a presentation to the main group recently, David Southard from Wild Arena entertained us with a multitude of wild animal images. He then judged members’ natural history subjects, the winning prize going to Mick Johnson for his popular Kingfisher with Minnow.

This picture was also a winner for Keith in the Yardley 2009 National Exhibition. 24 images were accepted from our club; five were commended and Dave White was awarded the Dave Gibbons Ribbon.

On 19th November, we are holding a themed print competition called “Angles”. This has been a big challenge for all our imaginations to come up with interesting scenarios. If you would like to see what transpires, you will be very welcome to join us. The venue is the Dove Room, SMDC, at 7.30pm; entrance charge is £2 for visitors.

Report by Ann Sharratt

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