Banbury Trophy

Another successful evening. Final results were as follows:

1st Leek with 146 points
2nd Blythe Bridge with 139 points
3rd Ashbourne with 131 points
4th Newcastle with 128 points
5th Stoke with 119 points.

The Judge - Ian Stewart from The Wirral only awarded 1 score each of 18, 19 and 20 and Tony Kinder with "Jet Ski Racer" was awarded the 20. Only the images held back after the first round (of which Leek had 6) scored above 13, which is why the overall scores above were relatively low.

A Drive Through The Bluebells by Ray Baddeley 13
All At Sea by Matt Gennard (HB) 15
Blea Tarn by Cliff Hughes (HB) 16
Chin Strap Battis by John Coe (HB) 17
Classical Cala Lily by Kevin Burton (HB) 15
Cranes At Sunset by Doreen Graham 12
Early Morning Rudyard Lake by Cliff Beardmore 13
Grass Seed Heads by Clare Beech 11
Jet Ski Racer by Tony Kinder (HB) 20
Washday Blues by Bernard Beech (HB) 14

Well done to everyone.

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