2009 / 2010 Digital Group Programme


What aspects would Members enjoy learning?

What demonstrations would Members enjoy seeing?

These are the questions the Digital Group committee are trying to ascertain in formulating the Programme for next season’s monthly gatherings.

If you were not present at this week’s meeting, please post your suggestions  right here on the Blog.  Your ideas can then be taken  into account at the forthcoming committee  meeting which is to be held within the next ten days.

The proposals put forward at Monday's meeting have been circularised and your views on these are also VERY WELCOME.

SO ENJOY “ownership” of your Digital Group and participating in putting together Your Programme.

Come next season, let’s post our views here after each monthly meeting and read the views of other members

– especially  informative for us if we couldn’t be there.


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Posted by Ann Sharratt 13th May 2009


I can also do one on creating a blog (half a night).


Having only today dipped my toes into the wonderful world of blogging, I really welcome tuition at the Digital Group on this amazing way of sharing information.

Additionaly, your advise and offers of help with editing presentations are just what is needed.



I think a mixture. Speakers balanced with a bit of member contribution. I'd be happy to do a night on CS & Lightroom.

The main thrust is that evenings are all organised and sorted well in advance.


I am unsure exactly what specific activities to suggest but being the digital group I think perhaps they ought to have a digital emphasis.

Professional advice about such things as storage, file handling and archiving may be useful, or colour profiling, the pros and cons of different file formats and their application, sensor cleaning demonstration etc. These as you can see are all technically biased issues so some balance of image sessions would be needed with a guest digital photographer displaying their work. Perhaps you could involve members by suggesting a theme that has some sort of digital connection for example, computing, that members display their own interpretations and, if you could display them on the website, inviting votes from all members with the winner announced at the following meeting. Or what about a sort of self-help critique session where members openly discuss what they like and dislike about the displayed work of those brave enough to submit images to the session!

I'm not sure if this attempt to contribute is of any help maybe I have pitched it too low but hopefully it may stimulate some more ideas.

Hi Ann

Just like to say we would like to have instruction on convering raw images

Maureen & Kenneth

Hi Ann,
an area that I always not so much have difficulty with but have never finalised any decisions about is the cataloguing of images. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that I flit from one software to another, Picasa, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. So it would be nice to see what pro photographers do with regards to storing, tagging, cataloguing and searching their images. As time goes by I seem to end up with hundreds and hundreds of images and I'm nowhere near as prolific as some club members I'm sure.

Hi Maureen and Ken,

Instructions on RAW images. Yes that's a brilliant idea. Shooting in RAW provides the very best editing opportunities. That really makes it worth while mastering the processes. available.

I second that.


I can touch on RAW processing as part of CS & Lightroom to show how the approach differs.

Hi Sid,

You have really excelled with your digital suggestions, both technically and creatively. I feel that with so many ideas to choose from, the new season can’t help but be a success all round, for both beginners and the more experienced digital photographers.

In addition to their own ideas, it would be helpful if members would now write in to highlight which particular topics you and others have come up with, that they prefer (including the proposals in the minutes), and the order in which they would prioritise them.

Personally speaking, colour calibration is a subject I have always wanted to thoroughly master and permanently have correct. A tall order! When choosing from the vast number of tones available for such as Gradients, it can be very disappointing when the tones in the end product differ from those chosen.

I also like your idea of posting images, based on the same theme, on the website for members to vote on, ready for the winner to be announced at the next meeting. It would be really interesting to compare the various interpretations created. The critique idea appeals a lot too.


Hi Chris,

I am impressed with your efforts so far to discover what might be the best way of cataloguing images for you.

My trouble is I am too impatient to get on with enjoying editing my favourite images and capturing some more, than to spend time putting the rest into some meaningful tagged and efficiently filed system. I find myself merely creating folders, in year and month order/event, within Documents.

So I endorse your suggestion of discovering pro photographer’s chosen systems for identifying their images. For me, the quicker the system is to administer the better, of course.

Now I am asking myself how can I locate the photo I took of that lovely sunset!


Thank you Ann, so glad you have found my ideas of use.

In terms of priority I would prefer to see those ideas that are of practical benefit throughout the coming season such as calibration, sensor cleaning, Rob's presentation etc at the start of the season. The themed contest could take place during the Christmas break so that everybody has time to participate, a critique session could fit in at anytime towards the end of the season with guest photographers at various sessions in between.

Hi Ann,

Thanks for setting up this blog - it's going to be very useful I'm sure.

I'd welcome advice on various methods of sharpening images and also the opposite - reducing noise.



Hi Ann,
I understand that Marg has suggested sharpening etc. I would like the same subjects too and possibly continuing from that would like any suggestions on restoring old photos more efficiently

Hi Ann

Very good of Rob to offer help on digital evenings,
Look forward to what we are able to learn all other nights of Robs have been a great success
Thanks Rob

Maureen Kenneth

Hi Ann
As I am a complete beginner at digital photography I would like some very basic instruction on all aspects of the process. I do realise though, that I am probably in a minority [of one] but maybe some suggestions of where I [or we]could gain some knowledge could could be made???

My favourite digital category is Creative, in the artistic sence, and I can well recommend it as a highly absorbing aspect of digital photography.

The very nature of Creativity is of course its diversity and it can be a slow process. I find it enjoyable to explore ways to be digitally creative, but time is often a predominant factor. I would like to think that some formal tuition would provide skills which would help to speed up the process

Would many othere members be interested in us getting some detailed tuition, from someone experienced in this field, on the most useful use of filters or combinations of filters, and other editing facilities, which lend themselves to producing creative work.

There is certainly plenty of room for more creative competitiveness amongst us.

What do you all think?



Yes I do hope members will benefit from interacting about the Digital Group here on the

Sharpening can make or mar, so that's a valuable topic of yours to learn to get right. I'll refer this for the Beginners' Evening presentation. Noise reduction is a priority for the presentation too.

Thanks Margaret for bringing up these essentials.



Your type of request is one the committee has very much in mind and they obviously don’t think you are one of a kind. It has been proposed that early in the season, there is a Beginners' Evening, where you can bring your digital camera along. You can then get the advise you need, on a one to one basis, from a co-member who can help.

In addition, it has been decided to ask Rob Povey to demonstrate a programme such as Picasa so that beginners can also be aware of the editing facilities available. At the end of that evening’s instruction, we can get feedback on what added information is needed.

We do want to help beginners master the basics quickly so they can get the full benefit of membership of the club.

I will find out if Rob has anything to add to this.


Hi Kath,

Restoring old photos! Ah yes, that’s something we could all enjoy.
Which ones to do first would be my problem. Considering all the wonderful editing facilities available, our old family gatherings could take on new life.

I see an opportunity for a little Creativity here, applying a colour theme to black and white prints, applying duotones to the coloured ones, after repairing the faults of course - new borders too. (Talking of Creativity, I should have asked Margaret about her thoughts on my suggestion for some tuition).

I can imagine there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t like to know how to restore some of their treasured family images. You have hit on a winner here Kath. I sense another competition coming up at the Digital Group.

Sharpening and noise reduction would also be needed for some restoration work, hopefully that will be taken care of at the Beginners’ presentation.

Why don't we look out those old boxes of photos ready ............



I am intending to do a night on Photoshop / Lightroom "for dummies" (no offence meant just using the name of the book series).

It will be aimed at simple effective manipulation.

Judging from the comments so far there is plenty else to go at - RAW, Colour Management, Workflow etc so we may end up with enough for two nights...

I am not sure if there will also be a "beginners night" where we can cover the basics of taking through to loading / manipulating and then printing.



I can do sharpening on my CS / Lightroom night.

It was proposed at the meeting last week that we hold a competition on the theme of a song title next season. Now a member has expressed a wish that the theme be Open, as it was last season, with a view to making it of more particular interest to show to family and friends.

It would no doubt be helpful to the selection committee to have a consensus of opinion about this. So would those who are interested in producing AV’s for the competition, please advise which theme they would prefer?


Ann and others,
Alas, I am unable to make Monday evenings now. Carrie and I have joined a choir who meet every Monday throughout the year. However.......
One problem we encountered at Art in the Park recently was how to easily upload all types of images onto a laptop so that (1) they could be seen as a slideshow and (2) one of the images could then be copied to a folder. Jpegs were generaly OK, but no-one could find an easy way to deal with RAW files. We must find an easy procedure to follow for next year's Art in the Park.
Although I am unable to attend meetings I would be grateful if one or two of you "boffins" could have a think about this.

I think the answer to this one is probably Lightroom.

The committee are looking into a new laptop for the club with a bit more "ummphh", and getting Lightroom 2.0 on it would solve your problem.

Lightroom is designed for handling multiple RAW formats and also has a slideshow feature.

I think I prefer Open.

The comp should have a few loose rules with it though. I suggest 5 - 6 minutes max for the show. Once they start pushing over 7 minutes they can drag on a bit!!!


What a fantastic Blog you and Rob have created - a super resource. When Ray Baddeley reads all the suggestions he and the Digital Group committee will have plenty to get their teeth into.

With respect to the AVs, I think I agree with Rob about prefering an 'Open' format, although having song of a set length would stop people 'dragging on a bit' as Rob says. But just think what we would be missing. If, for example say we chose 'Windmills of the Mind' or the 'Stripper' can you imagine how many interpretations we might get! I can just imagine a sequence of shots of Andy Poyser scraping wallpaper off! The fun is endless... (for those who don't know Andy is a Professional Decorator)

As regards suggestions for other evenings and staying with AVs, I would like to have a session on recording sound tracks - the best sort of microphone to use, sound editing, fading, editing software that's available, tricks of the trade etc. We had a session two or three years ago and that was very well received, but an update would be very useful, not just for newer members but for 'ancients' like us.

Anyway, there's lots of food for thought from lots of members, so well done Ann for setting up this exchange of ideas.


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