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Kevin Burton

Photographic Bio

Joining Leek motivated me to get out [or stay in] & take photos on a NEW camera. Only missed an award on two competitions with my quirky images. flickr has more of my images/ideas & "How I did" albums. Many images may not fit into any current competition. So please "click" on links below to flickr. Scroll around to read how I did in competitions & my view of the judgings. I still prefer "taking" a photo to "making" one. My editing is limited to basic PhotoShop Elements but I learn something new every meeting about techniques, field craft, natural history, editing or printing. You could too if you tried Leek Photographic club's friendly meetings.... as a guest, or join and become a member ANYTIME ;-). Chat to members, they can help with competitions or getting further qualifications.....

Camera equipment

Sony Mirrorless [it's the future] full frame and APSc

Preferred subjects

Our dogs, holidays, walks - the usual records and memories we should ALL take

Favourite photographer

Anyone who "has a go at the competitions" ;-) you never know what will take the judges fancy

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Copyright information

The copyright in all photographs within this gallery are owned exclusively by the photographer. No copying or distributing of any kind without the written consent of the copyright owner is allowed.

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