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Kevin Burton - Vice Chairman

Photographic Bio

Bring family to friendly competitions, get expert critique. See flickr albums-”What not to enter” “How I did” “Macro entries” “My thoughts on the judges decisions”. My secret accesory? It's listening to other members comments, seeing their images up there on the big screen and pinching their ideas ;-) If needed I am the stand in Vice Chairman this season, a position my short membership neither warrants or prepares me for... but a little step towards giving something back to a club that deserves your support.

Camera equipment

I use Sony digital, full frame & APSc DSLT or Mirrorless Nex including one converted to Infra Red. Vintage Minolta lenses and occasionally FILM from my collection of Minolta cameras from 1930's to 2006. Google minolta4me-kevin and see my flickr Albums.

Preferred subjects

Our dogs, holidays, walks - the usual records and memories we should ALL take

Favourite photographer

Anyone who "has a go at the competitions" ;-) you never know what will take the judges fancy

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Copyright information

The copyright in all photographs within this gallery are owned exclusively by the photographer. No copying or distributing of any kind without the written consent of the copyright owner is allowed.

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