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Kevin Burton

Photographic Bio

Leek's informative presentations and friendly competitions with expert critique are just the incentive I need to get out [or stay in]  and use that camera gear. Last season my target was to get an award in EVERY competition, I missed two !. My albums on the free flickr site, have past competition entries or potential ones. flickr is a great way to share images & ideas that might not fit in with any particular competition. I still prefer to "take" a photo to "making" one and my editing is limited to basic PhotoShop Elements, but I learn something new every meeting ;-).

Camera equipment

Sony Mirrorless [it's the future] full frame and APSc

Preferred subjects

Our dogs, holidays, walks - the usual records and memories we should ALL take

Favourite photographer

Anyone who "has a go at the competitions" ;-) you never know what will take the judges fancy

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Copyright information

The copyright in all photographs within this gallery are owned exclusively by the photographer. No copying or distributing of any kind without the written consent of the copyright owner is allowed.

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