Brailsford Ploughing Match

This year’s Brailsford Ploughing Match is to be held on Wednesday 3rd October. Full details on their website


Thanks Mike for letting me know and Lesley for publicising so quickly.

There is EVERY chance I will go... Anyone wanting a lift needs to be at my house by 9.00 Weds, we usually stay till the afternoon around 2pm depending on weather etc... Contact me if you are interested.

Anyone interested please let me know

Brialsford is an interesting event and while too late for "People" competition oit might be a very good chance to get some last minute Black and White, Monochrome or Infra Red" images for Thursdays ENTRY ;-)

Brailsford 2018 - A dull day weather wise, but not at all dull with the company and friends I met today. Take a look at these tongue in cheek and ofdten tongues out of their cheeks.....

Did not find anything in my images good enough for B&W PRINT but PLEASE "have a go" enter your B&W - Monochrome [sepia etc.] - or Infra Red images. Time yet to print and mount ;-) 
Take a look at these tongue in cheek and often tongues out of their cheeks.....

I di manage to get a few unusual images and they are now in an Album on flickr.

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